Producing, Consuming & Perceiving Prisons in the Former Soviet UnionIn The Gulag's Shadow

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Kazakhstan Marks Annual Memorial Day for the Victims of Political Repression
The 31st of May in Kazakhstan is the day of memory for victims of political repression where the country remembers those who died during the mass famines of the 1930s...Read More

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Welcome to Zhaniya Turlubekova!
We are pleased to welcome Zhaniya Turlubekova to the team at Nazarbayev University.Read More

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COVID-19 Update
Our thoughts go out to everyone around the globe in this unprecedented time.Read More

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Kazan International Conference of Sociologists of the Turkic-Speaking World
IGS investigators Gavin Slade and Elena Omelchenko presented research in Kazan for the International Conference of Sociologists of the Turkic-Speaking World.Read More

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Filming starts in Moscow
From concept paper to action - filming for our documentary is underway.Read More

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Moscow fieldwork is in!
Our team has just finished off the Moscow leg of our journey into the past, focus groups and interviews were carried out with the general public and former prisoners in...Read More

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Russian Federation survey fieldwork concludes
A new year and some new data from the conclusion of our Russian Federation survey.Read More

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Kazakhstan survey fieldwork has concluded!
Our team in Kazakhstan has wrapped up our surveys across the country, including some particularly interesting boost sites.Read More

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Tomsk fieldwork is in!
In depth interviews and focus groups were conducted with different target groups including the general public and former prisoners in Tomsk, Siberia. The research was based at the Memorial Museum...Read More