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Trip to Alzhir Museum-Memorial Complex to the Victims of Political Repression and Totalitarianism (07/10/2019)

The IGS team was honoured to have had the opportunity to visit the Alzhir Memorial just outside Nur-Sultan. Alzhir is an acroynm for the camp that held wives of the 'traitors to the motherland'. Very little remains of the camp itself but the museum commemorates the camp and the lives and experiences of the women who suffered there.

The museum features an arch of sorrow which reflects Kazakh and Islamic cemetry architecture.

A black rose inside the museum complex

The names of the victims are etched into walls that surround the complex

On the museum grounds an original train wagon that brought women to the site is preserved.

A mile or two from the museum is a mass grave that looks out over the vastness of the steppe.


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