Producing, Consuming & Perceiving Prisons in the Former Soviet UnionIn The Gulag's Shadow
Test and retest, then test again… (12/09/2019)

We asked and they answered - locals and students from Nur-Sultan help us develop our tool to approach our study of the Gulag and punitiveness in the former Soviet Union.

Groups of students and locals at Nazarbayev University and with our national team at PORI offices, took time out of their daily lives to help us with cognitive and timing tests of our budding survey tool. Our thanks to the many local residents and students at NU for participating. The results from these activities will go into helping us streamline our tool and drill down into the way in which sensitive questions are best modeled into surveys to meet the challenge head-on.

Students find a quiet corner to interview each other

Dan rigourously checked the timings for each question

Students gave amazing feedback on the wording of questions, question sequence and inclusive language

Many of the students were budding sociologists and anthropologists and were keen to critique our survey construction, apply knowledge of reseach methods as well as practice their interviewing skills.

Our interviewer cards ready to go.

It was incredible to see students volunteer their time to help us – NU students are the best.

It was gruelling but we got there – all smiles after plenty of pizza, certificates of participation and gratitude from the team!


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