Producing, Consuming & Perceiving Prisons in the Former Soviet UnionIn The Gulag's Shadow
Moscow fieldwork is in! (28/02/2020)

Our team has just finished off the Moscow leg of our journey into the past, focus groups and interviews were carried out with the general public and former prisoners in partnership with the Gulag Museum. Our thanks to Roman Romanov the museum director and the museum's staff for their participation and help! (Photo credits: Irina Lisovskaya, Alena Kravtsova, Iskander Yasaveev)

In depth interviews and focus groups were conducted with different target groups including the general public and former prisoners in Moscow. The research was based at the new Gulag Museum.

The entrance of the impressive new Gulag museum in Moscow where our research team spent a month conducting qualitative fieldwork.

While the Gulag museum memorializes Russia’s penal past, Moscow still maintains remand prisons that date back to Tsarist times.

Opened in 2017, the Wall of Grief in Moscow pays respect to the victims of political oppression during the Stalinist period. It stands not far from the Gulag Museum symbolically at the end of Sakharov Street named for Andrei Sakharov the Soviet nuclear physicist and human rights campaigner.

The new Gulag Museum contains original artefacts (such as this piece of railway from Magadan region), exhibits and multi-media interactive displays that aim to educate visitors about the Gulag’s organization and the experience of those who passed through it.

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