Producing, Consuming & Perceiving Prisons in the Former Soviet UnionIn The Gulag's Shadow
Main fieldwork begins in Kazakhstan (27/09/2019)

Following a grueling schedule of testing and retesting, and whittling down our tool - our amazing survey team at PORI have put our questionnaire into the field.

We could not be happier with the progress made in such a short time, with so many intricacies in producing a detailed yet concise (as we could make it) survey on attitudes and memories of the Gulag. We’re more than a little eager to see the results.

Thanks again to this amazing team of experts!

Gavin takes a first training session before the pilot with PORI’s interview team leaders.

The PORI survey team in their offices – always ready to welcome guests!

The view from PORI’s offices

Laura visits PORI to discuss the survey

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